Five Easiest Houseplants to Propagate

Published July 12th 2022

If you’re anything like me, you might have imagined numerous times waking up in your perfectly decorated studio surrounded by a tropical and thriving plant oasis. When I envision my own plant oasis at its peak, I can’t help but think of Christopher Griffin’s @plantkween studio set up in New York, the perfect urban jungle full of lush bountiful green babies. 

I mean how amazing does that sound? A girl can dream, right? In my perfect setup, I have pothos vining high against my bright-colored walls. Every corner filled with dangling string of pearls, and nooks filled with foliage from my beaming Monstera and Fig Plants.

And while this is the end goal, realistically, I know a space like this can take time to nurture and grow. Whether you’re on a budget or want to make do with the plants around you, I’m going to share a couple of tips for propagating along with the five easiest and most hands-off plants you can propagate. Hopefully, these tips can put you one step closer to creating the apartment or home of your dreams!

What is plant propagation?

Propagation is the process of reproducing plants from a single parent plant. There are a number of plant propagation techniques, including division, budding, and grafting. However, cutting is the most popular because it’s the most accessible and presents the lowest risk for the parent plant. While there are many different ways to grow new plants, propagating plants is a simple technique that will allow you to pull from semi-mature plants, which means less time waiting for seeds to sprout and more time reading and hosting dinner parties at your plant sanctuary!

Why propagate your plants?

There are many benefits to propagating your plants. If you’re like me, you might already have several plants that have grown too large and need to be pruned. Propagating these pruned pieces is a great way to make room for new plants in new spaces throughout your home. But let’s say you don’t have the best green thumb and your baby is struggling and holding on for dear life (no judgment we’ve all been there at some point), propagating it might be one way to save pieces of your plant. Propagating plants also make really great low-cost gifts for friends, families, and co-workers. When you become a pro, consider creating a family heirloom where you propagate your favorite plant and pass it down from one family member to another.

Five Easy Plants to Propagate

So let’s dive in, below is a list of the five easiest plants to propagate. In no time, your plants will be growing roots and filling up your space:

1. Pothos

Tawa Threads Pothos Plant Propagation Stations

Y’all, pothos is such a hardy plant, like the zaddy of all plants! I had a friend tell me she left her office during the pandemic and forgot to take her pothos and came back three months later and that baby was still thriving and had grown over two feet. You cannot go wrong with the pothos plant for propagation! Take some sharp scissors and carefully cut them on either side of the node. The nodes are where the leaf is attached to the vine. Plop that baby in your propagation station with some water and watch the glow up! I also like to add a sprinkle of soil for some added nutrients.

2. Spider Plant

Tawa Threads Pothos Plant Propagation Stations

First off, why the scary name? The spider plant sometimes produces tiny white flowers on the long stems as well as baby spider plants called pups, which apparently look like tiny spider clusters. Now that we got that sorted out, this beautiful green and yellow tropical plant are so simple to propagate. Carefully cut the spiderettes from the main part of the plant near the base. Place in water and within 7-10 days you’ll see new growth forming at the roots.

3. Purple Heart Tradescantia

Purple Heart Plant

The Tradescantia family is a beautiful family of plants. These plants typically come in various shades of deep purples and look so stunning in hanging plant holders as their trail can grow inches and even feet long. When cutting the clippings, pick a branch that looks healthy and has a few sets of leaves. Methodically work your way around the plant close to the base of the stem, then place it in your water vessel.

4. Swiss Cheese Vine (Monstera Adansonii)

Swiss Cheese Vine Plant

Monstera is one of the most cherished houseplants. When you’re ready to propagate, cut a piece of a vine with at least one or two nodes. Once you’ve placed the new clippings in your propagation station, make sure it gets lots of indirect light and refresh the water regularly. Within 1-3 three weeks you’ll start to see the new root growth!

5. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

Okay, ZZ plants are one of my favorite plants to watch grow. When they bud up through the soil and unravel, I can’t help but think of Jack and the Beanstalk. Like, grow Jack, grow! Okay, so this one is propagated by stem cuttings. You can put the stems into the water and eventually the roots will grow. While Jack can take a little more time to get his shit together (3-4 months), I still recommend giving it a shot because who doesn’t love a new healthy ZZ plant in their home!

The last tip, if you choose to keep your plants in water for extended periods of time consider liquid nutrients to help them grow strong. Monitor the plant’s water and watch out for algae growth from time to time. Also, make sure to keep your test tubes clean between propagations so no additional bacteria builds up.

Your plants deserve to be surrounded and nurtured in the most beautiful ways. Since propagation takes time, check out our vibrant magnetic propagation stations that will add so much character and vibrancy to your space. Browse our collection to put you one step close to your urban jungle! Sending you peace and love during your plant journey!

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